Sunday, August 31, 2008

Learning About Social Media

I consider myself incredibly fortunate. I have a column in the Orlando Business Journal. It’s been going on for about a year and it runs between 1-3 times a month depending upon how much space they have and how many columns of mine they like. I’ve submitted numerous columns that they didn’t accept and never told me why. So, I keep sending new articles and am always excited when I open the first page to the table of contents and see my column called GET CONNECTED.

In the beginning I wrote about futuristic stuff and then it became a lot of my communication coaching and then they asked me to write about Social Media and technology. So, that is now my assignment. I’m excited about it because it forces me to learn about the new Social mediums which I would probably never do if I didn’t really have to. But I’ve found that I really enjoy exploring on the computer and seeing who is doing what and how they’re using the many social networking tools.

Today I’m researching TWITTER. It’s a way for all of your “connected” friends to follow your every move. I think I’m really going to enjoy it, since I have grown addicted to my blackberry just like nearly every other person. So far, I have 4 people following me, although I’m not sure really how to follow others yet, and I haven’t been able to locate my account even though I’ve searched for it, so I’m not sure how others are going to find me. Still, I’ll plug away at it for a few minutes here and a few minutes there until I can write coherently about the subject.

As I research, I find more and more topics that I want to explore and so I feel like I’m discovering a new frontier. It’s very exciting, especially since most people in my age bracket aren’t playing around with these tools like people who are in their 20s and early 30s. So, in a sense, I feel that I’m keeping trendy and edgy by learning these networking avenues and I’m able to pass along this information to my coaching clients. For that I am grateful.

It’s a bit time consuming, and each time I dig into one new tool it brings me to new programs called applications which leads me down a whole new path. In order to “decorate” my pages with the subjects that are of interest to me then I have to read a bit about what they’re promoting in order to see if I “connect” with their message.

I’ll document my learning, or my absence of learning, and I’ll continue to update my Facebook and my Twitter accounts as I grow comfortable and get in the habit of relying on them as a networking and entertainment and learning source.

I hope you’ll take the journey with me and add these tools to your own sales and marketing plan. Make sure you invite me to be your friend!!! And you can become mine!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have you Written Your Book?

How many times have you thought about writing a book? Or how many times have people suggested to you, “wow.. you know so much about that subject, have you ever considered writing a book”?
According to Publishers Weekly, about 3000 books are published every day. This is a combination of e-books, international books, and the good along with the bad. There is certainly an information overload, and you may ask yourself, “does the world really need another book on the subject?”
My answer is YES! Think about all of the time you devoted to learning all of the information that you have accumulated! Consider the years in school, then with clients and the many hours of mistakes you probably made getting to the point that you were a genius in the subject matter! Think about all of your own “techniques” that could possibly save another person time and money!
What would you do with your book? Consider selling it on the internet? Consider self publishing and using it as a calling card or part of your bio! Or consider giving it away to your valued customers about what you’ve learned about your industry!
One of my recent acquaintances is a dedicated softball player. He probably plays 100 games a season on two leagues – one through his work and one through this town. He also has coached numerous teams, including at the local high school. His record is incredibly impressive and he has techniques that are simple and highly effective. Splattered through out his workday conversations in a sales capacity are mini stories of how a team would play on a field.. and it always relates back to real life somehow as sports often do. After hearing his passion and his unique twist on the game, I suggested he put together a pamphlet for others who are in his position. After all, he’s dedicated about 20+years to the sport and although he doesn’t consider himself an author, he certainly has a lot of expertise to share with others.
Think about it. Even though In the last 30 years mankind has produced more information than in the previous 5,000 according to Reuters Magazine, there has never been another you, with your experiences, with your clients and your successes or failures. It just might be you who helps others brake through to the next level by sharing what you know.
I’m writing one now and while its taking time, it’s also rewarding to see my experiences spill onto the page and I know through my own struggles, successes and experiences, it’s bound to help others learn something faster than what I learned it.
Here is a great quote by William Glasser:
"We learn...
10% of what we read
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we see and hear
70% of what we discuss
80% of what we experience
95% of what we teach others”

Maybe it’s time to get your book out there! I look forward to learning from you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feed Your Children Organic Food- Our blossoming Boys are in Trouble!

Okay.. how do I say this lightly? Ummm OUR YOUNG BOYS ARE GROWING BOOBS!!!

I know.. it’s disgusting! But it’s true! A few weeks ago in Orlando Florida I went to a YMCA swim meet. I’d say now about 1 out of every 5 boys over the age of 10 is now growing tiny buds that are like a little girls. Then, when they get to be about 15, they’ve got breasts.. they’re small but they are definitely breasts!

Even the boys who are in good shape and muscular all everywhere else, have swollen nipples or tiny breasts that just look strange. Many of these kids are overweight and so the over all look is more chubby and looks better.. but MAKE NO MISTAKE..


PARENTS… especially of kids who are under 16 – you have to feed your kids organic food as much as possible. I checked in with a few parents and grandparents of these kids and told them point blank what I was noticing. They noticed it too but just weren’t really sure. I said to each, “oh, yes.. be sure.. your son has grown breasts! Many of the boys are… and you have GOT to get him off of whole and regular milk”. Most of these parents told me that their boys guzzle milk like it’s going out of style. No, it’s not organic.

Is it just the milk? Is it the hormones in all of the other food like the meat and cheese? Perhaps it’s a combination, but after seeing all of these sweet and innocent darling boys with BREASTS, you can better believe that my son is going to be eating and drinking organic whenever possible!!!

PLEASE send this letter on to EVERYONE you know who is raising a SON! SAVE your children from this humiliation and embarrassment. However, I’m guessing if we don’t stop this epidemic, that someone will be designing a male bra that will end up being cool.

Hey.. I should call the BIG IDEA and pitch it to Donnie!!!

Seriously, it’s an epidemic, and I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. Send this letter to your news outlets and lets let people know what a national crisis we’re facing. Or we’ll be growing SHE MEN in the US, while the other countries laugh at us.

Here are a few things we can do:

BUY ORGANIC for them.. and ask the schools to buy it too!!!!
Bring your kids to a local swim meet where you have hundreds of kids in their bathing suits.. and see for yourself and let your kids see what will happen to them if they don’t go organic!
Make your kids take VITAMINS –Omega 3, 6,9, B6, B 12, Magnesium, and a multivitamin. Having the good stuff in the system can off set a bit of the crap we’re feeding them.
GET EDUCATED! READ LABLES. When you put preservatives in, you’re hurting their brains, and their bodies.

Please feel free to send me your stories of any boys who are suffering with this embarrassing situation. It only takes one person to scream loud enough to wake others up!!! I’ve got my hands full.. but can you be that person?

Send stories to Mary Gardner at and put in the title- MALE BREASTS

"Boys go through hormonal changes that cause this. Have you spoken with a pediatrician?" dg

Mary's comment- "My pediatrician is the one who told me that food has nothing to do with ADHD... after trying everything else with my son, and then finally changing his diet to organic and little white bread and added about 10 supplements every day.. I have a totally new son! No one can ever tell me that lie again! Food and vitamins have EVERYTHING to do with the symptoms he had. And I never saw male breasts on kids when we were growing up. And I have always been a swimmer... so I would have noticed!"

Comment from LYNN:
Hello Mary Gardner!
Are you up for a friendly rebuttal?! I read your article and could not help
but share a few thoughts with you...
Thrilled to hear Jeremy's great progress with KK -- hope to see you soon.
And "hi" to Sway.
Best regards,
P.S. Email me the info about your party -- love to come.
As I was reading your article I wondered whether my shoulders would be broad
enough to take on yet another burden of responsibility for one of my
children having a condition (a "disgusting" one at that!) that I could have
prevented simply by making better food choices for them.

I am a proponent of natural medicine, organic foods, and healthy lifestyle,
especially for our children. In recent years, I have applauded my friends
as they question the traditional medical community, not only about the
over-use of antibiotics, but about diagnoses of varying proportions,
cheering and encouraging them to take control of their own and their
family's health and medical treatment. It is exciting to see a new kind of
medical practice taking shape in our country; one where many patients are
accepting the responsibilities of maintaining a healthy body, mind, and
spirit. Quitting smoking, eating better and smaller portions of food,
taking yoga, getting that annual PSA or GYN checkup are all examples of
taking this responsibility seriously. Can we agree that pesticides are bad?
Absolutely. Can eating organic foods, thus reducing our exposure to toxic
elements, make a difference in our overall health? Yes. Is there a new
phenomenon of adolescent boys growing breasts because of exposure to
hormones and pesticides in the foods they eat? No. Relax your shoulders,
moms and dads.

The truth is, development of breast tissue in adolescent boys is called
pre-pubescent gynecomastia, and affects up to 70% of boys. Due to the
increase of all types of hormone levels caused by the onset of puberty, the
liver is taxed to process all of the hormones. What the liver can't process
turns into estrogen; thus, boys may temporarily develop breast tenderness,
and/or small buds. It is not uncommon for one breast to be larger than the
other. It is not abnormal for the breast tissue to feel like a small lump,
and very rarely is it anything bad, like cancer. In most cases these
symptoms will resolve in one to two years. Children should be reassured
that this is a normal and common, though not well-known, part of puberty,
and can be encouraged to wear a swim-shirt or T-shirt if they are
self-conscious. A confirmed diagnosis of gynecomastia can be made by a
doctor if the child or parents are concerned. Obesity can contribute to an
increase in the size of the breast tissue. With the epidemic increase of
obesity in our country, it is likely that what you are noticing among
adolescent boys at the YMCA is more evident than in years past, but
gynecomastia is nothing new, and our sons are not "growing boobies."
Limiting their exposure to growth hormones and pesticides can help reduce
added strain to the liver that is already being overworked by processing the
raging hormones in their bodies brought on by puberty.
In addition to pre-pubescent gynecomastia, there is a condition called
adult-onset gynecomastia. One article I read stated, "Recent increases in
the use of steroids, certain anti-depressants, acid reflux, blood pressure
and prostate drugs are causing a wave of adult-onset gynecomastia." Other
sources also cited various illegal drugs as causes, including marijuana,
heroin, and cocaine, as well as alcohol consumption. Also, excessive
amounts of soy in the diet could be a culprit (soy is full of the female
hormone, estrogen). For the inquiring mind, there is a great deal of both
medical and support information available for this disorder. I am attaching
links to several websites for more information on gynecomastia.
As parents, we have plenty of things to worry about concerning our children.
Thankfully, many of us are well-educated on the benefits of limiting
exposure to pesticides by eating organic foods. We are also fortunate to
have access to a wealth of vital information at our fingertips via the web.
Along with that, however, comes the added responsibility of discerning valid
data from that which is not, and determining whether and how we communicate
that to others.
For more information on gynecomastia:
or search "boys growing breasts" in your browser
Lynn Green

COMMENT- "Love the comment.. and I'm wondering who did the research, and who supported these doctors to give all of these stats? I"m sorry.. but this is just NOT normal. Well, maybe it's normal for today's standards.. but when "we" were growing up... there weren't any boys having hormonal changes like what you're telling me is normal today. Doubtful these kids parents are using drugs as one article suggests... and I'm noticing male breasts on kids who are skinny and in shape!! So it's not just the fat or overweight part.
I'm guessing that we're becoming used to seeing it.. and that it isn't as alarming to the teens of today b/c they're used to seeing it.. but for a mom of an 8 year old.. who is just now seeing boys without shirts for the first time.. I'm completely SHOCKED that other people aren't freaking out like I am. I don't want to make the kids feel badly.. it's not their fault and I"m not blaming the parents.. but I am trying to wake people up to say.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. stop feeding our kids HORMONES in the meat and the milk!!! "

FURTHER COMMENT AFTER TALKING WITH Dr. Kirti Kalitis of Center for Integrative Health and Medicine of Orlando (medical + homeopathic physician)

I spoke with Dr. Kalitis and shared with him my observations about the boys.. and he said things I wasn't surprised about. 1. It's controversial within the medical profession and "this subject" is pretty much off limits in public!2. They've changed what is "normal" versus what is "not normal" to keep up with the changes in the kids bodies. But.. he said that there are way more children with symptoms than what the medical profession is stating. He asks.. what is really normal and what is abnormal? This is the debate now... homeopathic versus medical profession. 3. The homeopathic profession is all over it.. ... and attribute it to the bovine hormones in the milk and meat, and the PLASTICS believe it or not. Also, the amount of SOY in the food products is creating extra estrogen in the systems. This is found in many soups and canned foods. The latest issue of Natural Awakeings.. the local alternative magazine has a big article on the changes of kids and the foods to avoid. 4. He's glad people are talking about it.. its the only way people are going to create changes!